Hello ..

My name is Morgan (not Abbie) ..


I am a full-time RN, wife, & mommy to a beautiful baby girl. Abbie Lee Design & Paperie was started as a passion project, and has grown into a wonderful business. I love designing and creating beautiful invitations and stationery of all kinds.

I started Abbie Lee Design & Paperie as a passion project. Growing up, I was always designing and creating all types of things. I  eventually got a job at a local newspaper creating ads. There, I was able to focus my talents and really let my creativity shine. Life went on, and I eventually graduated high school and moved off to college. I made a logical decision and pursued a degree in nursing. After college, I moved back home, got married, and settled into my life as a full-time RN. However, I missed designing and creating. One day, I was asked to make a bridal shower invitation for a co-worker. I spent a day working on it, and when I was finished, I gave her my work. She loved it! I was very pleased with myself. I started looking online to see if any local businesses needed freelance work. When nothing turned up, I started looking into Etsy. I was so inspired by everything I saw! The people and products on here are absolutely amazing. I decided to open my own shop, and so far, the response has been wonderful. I am loving what I do, and look forward to growing and creating new things daily!

What’s behind the name?

When I decided to open my shop, I was inspired by none other than my dog Abbie, who was laying by my feet as I racked my brain for names. We had just adopted her from the local humane society and I thought honoring her would be fab.


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